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Greetings friends! If you haven't figured out by now, my name is Matt Elsberry. I am just a regular person with interests that span from Information technology to physics to ancient archaeology to astronomy. My mind is an endless vortex of A.D.D. and useless information.

That said , from time-to-time, I have the inclination of placing some of my thoughts and interests in writing, which is where this site comes in to play.

You will find that as this site progresses, the content may take an odd left turn to something completely unrelated to what were just reading or following. I challenge you to retain your sanity, as I share with you my interests, hobbies, ideas, experiments, and ramblings.

That said, thank you for visiting and again, WELCOME!

... and yes, I have a blogger page. I have embedded it below, however, it can be viewed separately, here: My Blog